Nihaojewelry Shops User Guides

How to apply for an online shop with Nihaojewelry?

It is not complicated to apply for opening a shop from Nihaojewelry. You need to find your account manager from the "Account Dashboard" first. Contact them to get the store application link. (You can only apply for and manage your shop from Nihaojewelry's desktop site.)

![start to open a shop](upload://19vWuOTK7BgFa7gp6C0aYVfga9g.jpeg)start to open a shop
![fill store info](upload://eIooNI51pSMpv1vo7IroIyMRY1p.jpeg)fill store info
  1. Enter your shop name.
  2. Select the domain name. If you have your own domain name, fill in the domain name below; if not, change the option: I don’t have a primary domain. Nihaojewelry will automatically generate a domain name for you. By default, your domain will contain "". You won’t be able to change this setting, but you can buy a custom domain (e.g. later, so don’t worry about choosing the perfect name for now.
  3. Click "Create your shop".
![comfirm your store under review](upload://8rC1JU3nmsbTXkvSFUqk6wOCoyk.jpeg)comfirm your store under review

This prompt means that your store is under review. During the review period, you cannot modify the store name and url.

After approval, your "Account Dashboard" will add "My shop" navigation to set up and manage your shop.

![my shop navigation on nihaojewelry](upload://q5e2PILhVmLxhwQ0Sm3Y5r6W8IB.jpeg)my shop navigation on nihaojewelry

Activate your online store

![shop setting](upload://ohf16Vx5GaOKleaxkTXVgz2OHqg.jpeg)shop setting

After the store is approved, it is inactive. You need to activate it by setting up a store.

Go to "setting", select your store language, store style (theme), add logo, favicon, product processing time settings, contact information, website introduction, and SEO content.

Language selection: Your shop language selection - English or Spanish.

Shop style: The templates we provide will give you shop design ideas quickly and easily. At present, you may only see one shop theme option, and we will provide more themes to choose from later.

Logo setting: A logo highly summarizes the image or culture of the brand. It generates public association through its image and color, so as to be organically connected with the entire company. You can design online by yourself or hire a designer to create your own logo and upload it. Recommended size is 600px*200px.

Favicon setting: Favicon is a small icon displayed on the left side of the browser's address bar, which is convenient for distinguishing different websites. The image format uploaded by Favicon is ico. The upload size is 35px*35px or 60px*60px.

Product processing time setting: The processing time will be displayed in your store and is your estimated processing time for customer orders. That is, the estimated time when you actually receive the Nihaojewelry order. Please fill in according to your purchase experience in Nihaojewelry.

Your customer's delivery time = processing time + shipping time.

Contact information: Information that customers can use to contact you. This information will be displayed on your homepage.

Website Introduction: Your online shop introduction. The introduction will be displayed on the homepage.

SEO settings: SEO is search engine optimization. We recommend that you edit titles, keywords, and descriptions for your homepage that are beneficial to search engines and attract customers.

How to find your store url?

The domain name is like the doorplate of a website, also known as the "website" or ‚Äúurl‚ÄĚ. Potential customers can quickly identify through it, and accurately enter the website. The basic principles of a good domain name are simple and easy to remember. Because it allows users to remember deeply, increase more repurchase rates and attract more potential customers.

If you did not purchase a custom domain when you applied for Nihao's online store. Go to "Domain settings", you can find the domain name we generated for you here, which is your store link.

![find store url](upload://lOxZw45DrWOFm71F6yKl8qayvkn.jpeg)find store url

Connect a custom domain

After purchasing a domain name from a third-party domain name provider (such as GoDaddy), you need to connect your domain to your store. Connecting your domain points your URL to your Nihaojewelry store so that customers can enter that URL into their web browser to visit your online store.

How to connect a custom domain step by step?

Step 1: Add the CNAME record in your third-party domain provider account

1.Log in to your account on your domain provider's website.

2. Find the DNS settings or domain management zone.

3. Add 2 CNAME records.

You need to enter 2 detailed CNAME records. Point the CNAME record named "www" to your second level original domain automatically generated by Nihaojewelry, which is also your shop url (for example, And point the CNAME record named "m" points to the automatically generated mobile second level original domain (for example,

Step2. Connect your custom domain

From your Nihaojewelry admin, go to My shop>Domain settings

Click "Connect exciting domain".

Enter your domain, such as, and click ‚ÄúComfirm‚ÄĚ.

![connect domain on nihaojewelry website](upload://c2r85fy6xnzApA7v3D7SFo5AGKR.jpeg)connect domain on nihaojewelry website

Step 3: Add TXT record in your third-party domain provider account

After adding the "CNAME" record, we will send the TXT Value number to your mailbox. It may take about half a day to process.

Then log in to the third-party domain provider account:

1.Find the DNS settings or domain management zone on your domain provider.

2. Add a TXT records.

Point the TXT record named "_dnsauth" to TXT value number we send to you.

Please allow up to 12 hours for your changes to take full effect.

Take GoDaddy as an example:

Log in to your GoDaddy domain control center.

Select your domain to access the ‚Äúdomain settings‚ÄĚ page.

Under "Other settings," select "Manage DNS."

Select ‚ÄúAdd‚ÄĚ under the record table.

Host: www
Point to: The second level original domain automatically generated by Nihaojewelry for you (for example,
TTLÔľöDetermine how long the server should cache information.¬†Fill in according to different needs.

![add www cname record](upload://msnreOkmSpmug64I4TZJVaT75tr.jpeg)add www cname record


Host: m

Point to: mobile second level original domain automatically generated by Nihaojewelry (for example,

![add m cname record](upload://rbsx6Abm35ZspB8CZaBmVTr5CZJ.jpeg)add m cname record

Click ‚ÄúSave‚ÄĚ to save your new CNAME.

Please allow up to 48 hours for your changes to take full effect globally.

Note: If the host is not set to "www" and "m", your domain may not be able to access the store.

Go to Nihaojewelry admin and find domain settings. On this page, click the "connect existing domain" button and enter the domain you purchased. Click OK to save.

After you obtain and copy the TXT Value number, log in to the GoDaddy domain control center, find "Manage DNS", and add a"TXT" record.

Click Add under the records table in the first.

Under Type, choose TXT from the record options drop down menu.

Type _dnsauth in the Host text field.

Type or paste the TXT Value number we send to you in the TXT Value text field.

Click Save to finish.

![TXT record to fill](upload://40jZCKMuUjrtf9mX7BqG8zYLLzL.jpeg)TXT record to fill

After completing the settings, you will see 3 records as shown in the figure below.

![finished TXT setting records](upload://yYzqXzbLcnoGOKpMbdyPjAWXdr3.jpeg)finished TXT setting records

After finished, contact us and please allow up to 12 hours for your changes to take full effect.

If you have trouble setting up your domain, please contact your domain provider for help.

To confirm that your domain is connected to your store, please enter your custom domain to verify. (Your changes may take 12 hours to take effect)

How to set up and manage your online store?

Add category

A reasonable category structure ensures that consumers can easily and quickly find the products they want.

Go to "Category settings" and set different levels of categories. You can set up three different levels of categories.

Click "Default Category" and then "...".

![add category](upload://5abZx42WMd3bMEFycmC2wUmqSw6.jpeg)add category

Enter the category name and click ‚ąö.

![edit category](upload://bi87H5Wb9jmbwh2rquci5sKLw2D.jpeg)edit category

Click "..." to continue adding categories at the same level.

Click the established category to edit the category. The following four icons respectively represent category name edit, delete category, add category of the same level, and add subcategory.

![edit new category](upload://t3AxweLs0pYQHwvge84LTaNu6op.jpeg)edit new category

On the right are the information of this category and the products under the category.

Status: Whether the category status is on. The "on" status is orange. The "off" status is gray.

Show it on your Navigation: Whether to show it in your website navigation. "Display" is orange, and "Don't display" is gray.

Category title, keywords, description: Category name, keywords, description used for SEO.

![fill category info](upload://bgK7VsluhZ31NtKaD0Q2f5670kH.jpeg)fill category info

Your shop theme has a "recommended items" section by default. After the product is released, you can set it in the category product.

![recommended items](upload://yOIuv1176Udm2FDY9HvnKqCIJQp.jpeg)recommended items

Add your product

Adding a product is one of the most important steps you do first.

Go to "Store selection". On the right is the instruction on how to import products from Nihaojewelry to your shop.

![store selection](upload://8ir4ZJecbDDn2Gmp9KHP1A8TihQ.jpeg)store selection
![select right now](upload://5niKVnrI1YBuqxr30ts7dB8nsAC.jpeg)select right now

Click "Select right now" to enter the Nihaojewelry website. You can add products to your shop from Nihaojewelry's category page, product page. Just move the mouse to the product picture and click "Add to shop".

![import products from nihaojewelry categories](upload://zHYXQ8lTfAbruHsQ59Ha5znAmCh.jpeg)import products from nihaojewelry categories
![import products from nihaojewelry product page](upload://1XzHDOQUoYldZKf8qIlIuODBdvX.jpeg)import products from nihaojewelry product page

The products you import from Nihaojewelry will not be displayed directly to your store. You will see them in "product unpublished".

Edit, publish and delete products (unreleased products)

![edit unpublished product](upload://1f79W1JUN3fMB29Gz9TyJr6IHkx.jpeg)edit unpublished product

You can edit, publish and delete a single product.

![edit single product](upload://fZdeacFifEce8zfqvsmmAEGkDUd.jpeg)edit single product

In the "Edit" pop-up window, you can modify the product name, add or modify categories, modify the product price, and delete SKUs.

If all SKUs are set to a uniform price, you can enter the price in "Batch set price" and click "setting" to modify all SKUs to a uniform price.

If different sku has different prices, you need to fill in the corresponding price in the corresponding "selling price". (All product prices are in U.S. dollars)

Batch Modify products

It is too troublesome to modify each product individually. You can also set categories, release, delete, and price for different products in batches.

Select products need to operate, then click on the corresponding operation.

![batch modify products](upload://lyUxCMEwY4lUWIJZ1aPqMplaTut.jpeg)batch modify products

In "Batch pricing", we provide two options: proportional pricing and fixed price.

Percentage ratio: batch pricing based on the purchase price according to the price ratio. That is, the product price = purchase price * Percentage ratio.

![batch princing set by percentage ratio](upload://rhYVevkPoYtssTl1MVFFBPGVaZL.jpeg)batch princing set by percentage ratio

Fixed price: The price you choose will be the fixed value filled in.

![batch princing set by fixed price](upload://5hdKRD2QEe6sBK1uyr4fboLek44.jpeg)batch princing set by fixed price

Edit and delete products (released products)

You can edit and delete released products in "Product management".

![released products edit](upload://eC4YYJduTOOtUkCloUtPEdvkVwT.jpeg)released products edit

Banner settings

Banner will give people the first impression of your website. It can be used to display new products in the shop, best-selling products, and promotions. Use nice and interesting carousel slides to attract consumers to buy your products.

  • Click "CMS" to start Banner setting.
  • Choose PC or WAP (mobile web page).
  • Click "+"
  • Add a banner link. (the page you want the banner to link to).
  • Click "+" to upload banner
  • Click "Confirm"
  • Modify the banner interval
  • Click "Confirm"
![banner setting](upload://4h0URETO93yjlFwDEujrrb2G0rp.jpeg)banner setting
![detailed banner setting](upload://4nGUCXCNr4e4UyGbTtm2pAhQrsl.jpeg)detailed banner setting
![banner setting comfirm](upload://hEW6KipuLBeX7YLu4QACEZKIChv.jpeg)banner setting confirm

Footer content design

The website footer is the consistent content area at the bottom of every page of your website. Although page footers receive less attention than the top of the page, they are still used quite a bit. What can you add? Privacy policy, terms of use, contact information, etc. The two most important links in the footer of any website point to the "About Us" and "Contact Us" pages. Users will want to know who you are and what your company or brand is about. The page footer makes it easy to find this information. Many people also want to learn about your team members and how to contact them.

How to set Footer content on Nihaoshop?

  1. Go to My shop >CMS> Set footer Content to add a category title (Such as Customer Service, Nihaojewelry, My Account, Why Choose Us? shown in the figure below)
![nihaojewelry footer content example](upload://xvdQRPTSxBdv4wMd6A0G0paK012.jpeg)nihaojewelry footer content example

Click "add the catagory", enter the name and modify the sorting (numbers from small to large, sorting from left to right). Click "save" to finish.


2. Go to My shop>CMS>CMS page management to add content.

Click "add CMS page", enter the title, description, keywords, url and specific content. Click Save to confirm.

You can copy the url to view the page.

![add footer content](upload://1g66Uc3ZciumGf4b1jTGLTuJ7TO.jpeg)add footer content
![add footer content detail](upload://mcEicEORf1adzlI727ct7ymyQvZ.jpeg)add footer content detail

3.Go back to "Set footer Content" and place the added content under the corresponding category.

Select category and click "Add".

Click "Add CMS page".

Select the content title from the drop-down menu and enter the sort order.

Click "save" to finish.

![add content to catagory](upload://c9qOnDmJ0hjbC9Y8lirfzNpkzTw.jpeg)add content to catagory
![add cms page](upload://nS0nIduooQh6WxCGc9g6QpCNr9t.jpeg)add cms page
![edit cms page](upload://sG2FAD49KPghZuF7tWEom9lkS5W.jpeg)edit cms page

Set up your payment

There are currently two payment methods you can set up in your store: Paypal and Stripe.

  • 1.Go to "Payments settings"
  • 2. Choose one or two payment methods. Click ‚Ěď to view the detailed tutorial to get "Client Id" and "Secret" for paypal, or "API key", "Endpoint secret", "publishable key" for stripe.
  • 3. Fill in the content in the corresponding place.
  • 4. Turn on the switch.
  • 5. Click "Connect" to complete the setting.
![payment setting](upload://uPG4rttDh9TcWLxiLfnnacMxjxs.jpeg)payment setting

Set up shipping

For shop owners and customers, every shipping problem has a solution. After all, the responsibility of business owners is not only limited to purchasing and selling products, but also to ensure that these products can be delivered to customers. Setting up shipping can be a complicated process that requires consideration of product weight, packaging cost, shipping destination, carrier rate and potential profit per order, and other variables.

Most major courier companies provide online shipping calculators. You need to roughly understand how much your business will cost to transport internationally or domestically.

Set up shipping zone

You can implement your shipping strategy under "Shipping setting". Here, you need to create a shipping zone first. Here you can set the shipping rate to customers in certain countries.

  1. Click "Create shipping zone"
![create shipping zone](upload://s1G7Sc6duiZPWH9driC8EVuG316.jpeg)create shipping zone
  • Fill in the "zone name", and select the countries and regions where delivery is allowed. (The zone name is only used by the store owner to facilitate management, and will not be displayed on the consumer's order page.)
![edit zone](upload://eRQB27fQr0cT53S2UWB0n9cZHse.jpeg)edit zone

3. Set the rate for the area.

Shipping Rate Name: The name of the shipping rate visible on the customer order page.

Price: The set rate. By default, it is 0 USD (the "Free" button is orange). If you need to modify the amount, you need to click the "Free" button to make it gray, and then fill in the amount.

Based on order price/Based on product weight: You can set the rate based on the order amount or price. Create a new shipping profile to set the tiered price for this area. For example, you can provide free shipping based on the condition that the order reaches a certain threshold. Or, if the order exceeds a certain weight, you can set a higher rate. The rate of each zone can only be set in the same way.

![add shipping rate](upload://iwDtlUIdetFbTfIeLcpM0so2om4.jpeg)add shipping rate
  • If you need to set different rates for other areas, you need to create a new shipping zone.

Publish your store

When you set all this up, your online store has been published in real time. Consumers can start buying in your store now. Just in case, you can place a test order in your store to correct errors in time and provide a smooth user experience.

Store analysis

After the store is released, marketing is a necessary step to obtain traffic orders. You can find some marketing tips to promote your business in our blog, such as TikTok Marketing for Beginners, What are the Best Ways to Promote a YouTube Channel?.

Where can I check store traffic and order status?

"Shop management".

Here you can view total sales, total orders, total visitors, today's sales, number of new orders, and new customers. Through these data, you will figure out where your traffic and sales come from, and your overall online store conversion rate.

![shop management](upload://tTQ3mLlHGz970OML1Bzrg5pxlMX.jpeg)shop management

For more detailed analysis and flexible reports, you can set up Google Analytics for your store for free. It allows you to measure your advertising return on investment and track Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

Order management

When you get the first sale, you need to manage the order.

Go to "Order management" and you will see the orders placed by customers from your shop.

When your customer orders, if you have stock, you can ship them directly to the customer, and upload the tracking number. If you do not have inventory and need to place an order from Nihaojewelry, you need to synchronize the customer's order to your shopping cart on Nihaojewelry and then place an order.

How to synchronize?

1. Select the order that needs to be synchronized

2. Click "Post to Nihaojewelry"

At this time, the order has been successfully added to your shopping cart in Nihaojewelry. Select the product you need to check out.

![order management](upload://pZ8ttwxn5B3ygIskA5rUoKyoHIC.jpeg)order management

You can also find the following information on the order management page:

Order number: After the customer places an order from your store, an order number will be automatically generated. Click the order number to view the detailed information of the order, including the status of the order, the product ordered by the customer, shipping information, billing address, the shipping method, and the payment selected method by the customer.

![detailed order info](upload://bvUxgdsom0ueK8l4cKoqNkzKQxa.jpeg)detailed order info

Order amount: The order amount of each order.

Order time: The time when the customer placed the order.

Order status: Three possible order statuses, including paid, unpaid, and cancelled.

Tracking number: When you send the order to the customer, the logistics company or courier company will give you the tracking number. You need to upload the corresponding information (logistics company and logistics number) by yourself.

![upload logistics](upload://hcFIVJQwT3fXYrdXq69enJR2f8n.jpeg)upload logistics

Sync time: The time that you synchronize customer orders to Nihaojewelry's shopping cart.

Flag: Used to mark different orders.

Operate: If you need to close an order, select "Cancel" in the corresponding order.

Above we have introduced all the steps from applying for an online store with Nihaojewelry to processing your order. The whole demo ends here. You will find that actually starting a shop online is not as difficult as you might imagine. We welcome all interested users to open shops with Nihaojewelry, and provide more valuable opinions for us!

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