How to add category?

Once your shop have been activate, you need to add some product in your shop.

First thing first, you need to go to and login your account which have been activated. There is a guide in “My shop” > “Store selection”

The products you import from Nihaojewelry will not appear directly in your store. You will see them in the "Products unpublished you can set three different levels of categories.

Click on “Default Category” and then click on "…”.

Enter a category name and click √.

Under this category, there are four buttons representing Edit Category Name, Delete Category, Add Sibling Category, and Add Subcategory, respectively.


There are three main functions on the right

Status: Whether the category status is on. The “On” status is orange. The “off” status is gray.

Show it on your navigation: Whether the category is display in your site’s navigation. “Show” is orange; “Don’t show” is gray.

Category Title, Keywords, Description: The category name, keywords, and description used for SEO.

Don’t forget to click “save”" section.

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having solved my problems, thanks very much.