How to activate your shop?

After the officer verify you need to activate your shop by your own. First thing first, you need to click the “settings” button and then follow next eight steps.

  1. Set a language for you shop in “language selection” box.

  2. Chooses your shop style in next box.

  3. Upload your shop logo on third box, 600px*200px would be the best size.

  4. Upload small logo for favicon, which can show it on web tag.

  5. Set a processing time, delivery time = processing time + shipping time, stetting how many days is depended on your own situation.

  6. Set no more than two contact information in “Contact information setting” box, it could be Email or Whatsapp.

  7. You have to write some introduce for your shop, it will show on your website right under that bottom.

  8. You could set a SEO, which will no show on you website anywhere. It is only for google search.

Last, do not forgot click the orange “Confirm” button. There you go, your shop have been activate.

The end

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Cool, very patient replies, also helps me a lot, I have opened my shop successfully now.