How do you learn about your target audience?

Google Analytics – Kate uses google analytics to find out crucial information about her customer base such as age, gender and country. Since she now knows that most of her customers are young men from developing countries she tries to keep prices low in order to move more merchandise.

Google Analytics audience

Targeted Facebook advertising campaigns – Kate says Facebook is also an integral platform both for advertising and data collection. Facebook and google complete and complement each other.

Targeted Facebook advertising campaigns

Tell us some more about how you promote your dropshipping store on the internet ?

  1. Instagram – The store’s Instagram account currently has 1,851,910 impressions, 81,000, 8,272 posts and has an ever growing fan base.

Instagram promotion

dropshipping success stories instagram effect

Kate used a variety of simple methods to achieve these astounding results including:

  • Writing an appealing bio
  • Analyzing the most popular hashtags
  • Experimenting with different post formats
  • Using Instagram Ads
  1. Facebook – On Facebook the store is also very popular with 34,000+ followers – the main tactic is providing high quality content and attracting buyers and visitors vis-a-vis Facebook ads.

facebook store

  1. Content Marketing

This includes writing original content or rewriting original content which is related to the product and publishing this on the store blog and on Facebook. This is a great way to engage people and get them interested in your product in an indirect way.

  1. Google Shopping

This is a semi – automated option and generates 300 sales on average per month. When someone searches for something related to the product, in this case anime, a picture of some products and prices appear in the google search.