How do I manage my orders?

Once you get the first sale, you need to take care of it. Go to “Order management” and you’ll find all orders.

As a business owner, we ship the items directly to our customers. But it happens when a customer tries to purchase his/her faves only ends up finding it out of stock. In this case, you’ll need to connect this order to Nihaojewelry.

How do I place the order that’s out of stock?

Select the order and post it to Nihaojewlery. By doing this, the order has been successfully added to the cart on our website. All you need to do is check out.

You can also find following information when managing orders.

Order number: after the customer places an order from your store, an order number will be automatically generated. Click the order number to view the detailed information, including order status, products, shipping information, billing address, shipping method, and the selected payment method.

Order amount: total amount of the order.

Order time: the time when the customer placed the order.

Order status: three possible order status - paid, unpaid, and cancelled.

Tracking number: when you send the order to the customer, the logistics company or courier company will send the tracking number for you to upload so that customer can estimate when to expect the delivery (logistics company and logistics number) .


Sync time: the time that you synchronize customer orders to Nihaojewelry’s shopping cart.

Flag : used to mark different orders.

Operate: if you need to close an order, select “Cancel” in the corresponding order.

Now we have introduced all the steps from applying for an online store with Nihaojewelry to processing your order. The whole demo ends here. You will find that starting an online shop might not be as difficult as you expected. Nihaojewelry welcomes all interested users to open shops with Nihaojewelry, and provide more valuable opinions for us!

it works after done regarding above steps