How can I create my shipping info?

For shop owners and customers, every shipping problem has a solution. After all, the responsibilities of business owners are not only limited to purchasing and selling products, but also to ensuring that these products can be delivered to customers. Setting up shipping info can be a complicated process that requires consideration of product weight, packaging cost, shipping destination, shipping fee and potential profit per order, etc.

Most major courier companies provide online shipping calculators for you to roughly understand how much your business will cost to transport internationally or domestically. As a wholesale vendor, Nihaoshop is also dedicated to enhancing our customer experience. Just two simple steps to finish your shipping settings.

1. Shipping Zone

To carry out your shipping strategy, find “Shipping settings” and set up your shipping zone to start. New area will request creating new shipping zone.

Fill in your “Zone name” (this info won’t be displayed in the order and is only to opitmize the management) and select the country and region where products can be delivered.

2. Shipping Rate

Shipping rate will be displayed in the order. By default, the price is displayed 0 USD. To edit the amount, make sure you hit the orange Free button so that it turns gray which means price is editable.

you can set multiple rates when the package falls in different weight ranges that you’ve defined. Let’s take Freeshiping based on product weight for an exemple. In the below pictuire, you won’t be charged when your package is weighted between 0-20 kg. For those exceeding 20kg, simply create a new shipping rate and customer will be charged accordingly.

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