Dropshipping Success Stories

My dropshipping store which i invested $300.

I do dropshipping, these are one of my sites. It’s a plushie toy website. You might’ve seen it on tiktok or so. It’s where you have the plushie and you can make it turn into a smiley face or a mad face. So that was the product i used for the site and it’s a one product site. It makes me around $1k a month in profit and a bit more sometimes. I spend around close to $150 a month on FB ads basically the $5 dollar a day strategy. Sometimes i might reach out to mom influencers to promote the product.

Now this is just one of my stores. Here is the proof/picture.

and i’m not a, seven, eight figure dropshipper, lol. I just run a few other stores that make me a couple thousands every month. So i’m not rich from dropshipping. But it is more than enough for me. It pays my bills, and expenses so personally i’m happy and i live here in the united states.

EDIT: If you have any specific questions or need any advice feel free to send me a message :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: some are unclear by the title where i said i invested $300. I meant i started the store up with $300 (initial)

EDIT 3: A couple people DM’ed me and got mad at me for not replying to their messages as soon as they send it because i wrote “if you have any specific questions send me a message” i meant like i’ll reply to you at my own time not sitting around doing nothing to just message you. and they literally just cussed me out cause i didn’t reply to their messages as soon as they messaged me. So you know who you are. So if you’re getting mad i didn’t reply to your messages at the exact time you sent it. Get a life and stop sending me angry messages because i didn’t reply to your messages ASAP. I’m doing this post to help others and learn from others. We aren’t going to argue over here. I’m trying to be respectful and kind towards other. So those who are sending me rude messages and cussing me out at for not replying to their messages ASAP in my messages you are being entitled and rude. I am NOT going to just sit and reply to your message as soon as you send it. I am a human and i have a life so treat me with respect and i’ll treat you with respect. So to that person who cussed me out because i didn’t reply to his message in my DM’s ASAP you know who you are. Cause i want to make this clear and upfront. Think twice before you speak.

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