ATTENTION ATTENTION ! we publish new function!

Many friends asked us that they want to delete the products and we do not want to publish or save on the “product management” page, but there is no button to delete it …

NOW!!! We publish a button so that you can Delete the products you do not want, it is easy to use !!

how do you use it :
step 1:
enters the ¨products management

step2: look for the button “delete” this button so that you can delete the hidden products you don’t want

And the “remove” button is for the products that you do not want to publish but that you want to save on your page. for example a product wants to publish next views but not at this time, so you can use “REMOVE” to hide its products from the customer, but it is saved on their page.

We also have a place has been changed, have you seen? look for it look for it !! Very well!! I think you have already found! looooooooooooook~

You can already delete and remove in batches !!

Enjoy the new function of our platform!

If you have any questions, tell us

Thank you for watching !!!
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